Just some recent shots of me and  my boys this past (glorious) weekend!

Relaxing during one of Gus’s naps:


Flower arranging with baby monitor on the deck:


Negotiating army crawling in the grass:


Lounging at Candler Park:


Propped up on dad.  (Notice: attempted sticking of finger into mouth.)


This hat stayed on Gus’s head for approximately 0.0000001 seconds.


Gus is unsure of the grass.  Very different from hardwood floors!


Playing Hall Ball with my buddy!






But for real, tho.

But for real, y’all! I’m really going to start posting. Really. I have added YET MORE content to my Drafts folder. Content to which I cannot commit, due to my general tiredness and constantly fluctuating emoshunz concerning the topics about which I have written. (I just worked REAL HARD not to end a sentence in a preposition. You’re welcome.)

For now, here are three pictures of Gus and his girlfriend Amelie (AKA Biggie J). You can clearly see that Gus fancies Amelie quite very much, because he frequently sticks his finger in her mouth. Did I say “frequently?” I meant to say “constantly.” My theories for this are as follows:

1. Amelie often has food in her mouth, and Gus enjoys food, like, a LOT.
2. Amelie has like 50 teeth and Gus merely has 2 and this puzzles him.




I have a bunch …


I have a bunch of blog posts in various states of readiness, just hanging out in my Drafts folder.  One of them is my birth story, which I CANNOT figure out how to tell.  It’s been swimming around in my head, and I want it to be just right, but I can’t actually remember a lot of what happened, because I was pretty out of it at times.  I need to interview all the various people who were in the room with me.  Because even though I was all, “Only BT and the midwife and nurse in the labor & delivery room!” my mom, dad, and mother-in-law were in there too.  And I’m so glad they were.

Bear with me!


Tomorrow I return to work, which is really tearing me up, but let’s not focus on that, shall we?  Let’s focus on BT, who will still has 3 weeks of paternity leave left, so he will get to spend man-on-man quality time with our little gentleman!

I think it’ll look a little something like this:





But this one’s way cuter.

0 to Gus in 40 (errr, more like almost 41) Weeks

I’ve seized a moment to work on uploading some pictures to Flickr.  Some of the pictures I have come across on my computer are my weekly belly photos from when I was pregnant, and let me tell you, they are weird to see now.  I’ve been looking at them for the past few minutes and they are starting to look all wrong, kind of like how when you write out a word too many times, you are convinced you’ve spelled it wrong.

I mean, how could my belly have grown that much and yet I could still stand?!  And I felt relatively fine?!  I guess this explains why so many (dumb) people asked if I was having twins?  I don’t think my belly got any bigger than most women’s bellies do, it’s just that for a lot of people it is shocking to see a 40-week pregnant belly.  I guess I’m one of those people now, because I had to do a double take at this:


Here is how I got to 40 weeks:


belly from Kathryn B. on Vimeo.

(Song credit: Welcome Home by Radical Face)



We just finished the whole song-n-dance routine of putting Gus to sleep.  I guess you’re probably not “supposed to” do what we do, which is nurse the baby to sleep, hold him in my lap for 15 minutes until I know for sure for sure he is asleep and then gingerly creep across the room to his crib and eeeeever so carefully set him down, pat him on the tummy, whisper “I love you, buddy, sleep tight” and quietly hustle my ass out of the room before I do something stupid to wake him up.  Apparently this is bad, because eventually your baby will develop Object Permanence and will wake up one evening and be like, “WTF you guys, I thought I fell asleep on Mom, but now I’m in this crib and no one is around me, oh and also here is some inconsolable wailing to really drive the point home that I am distressed.”

But we are not really going by what you are “supposed to” do right now, because we are tired and it’s much easier just to do what makes the baby go to sleep and stay asleep for as long as possible.  I guess we’ll just deal with Object Permanence when/if it rears its head.  I was really worried about that for awhile, but now I’m mainly just sleepy.

Anyway, after I nurse Gus until he is super drowsy, it’s fun/scary to watch him fall asleep.  It’s fun because he makes all these precious little expressions and half-smiles and does this little double-sigh thing and flutters his eyelids and makes quiet little grunts and sometimes even laughs a little bit.  But it’s scary because at any moment, I know his dark little eyes might fly open and stare into my soul and that means I may not be able to get him back to sleep for FOUR MORE HOURS and he really needs to go to sleep because he’s tired and needs sleep, but also because:

1.) I have to pee

2.) I want to sleep

3.) I want to watch the basketball playoffs with BT

4.) I want to sleeeeeeep

5.) My back is killing me, y’all


7.) Dear god, if he doesn’t go to sleep for four more hours, I’ll start to lose hope that I’ll ever sleep again in my entire life, and then I’ll start crying and poor BT will have to deal with a crying baby AND a crying wife.  Poor guy.

I’m not really sure how to end this post, except to say that obviously our bedtime routine worked out well tonight, Gus is snoozing in his crib, and here I am creating a new blog and trying to navigate the intricacies of Tumblr * and not being too terribly successful at it, except that I seem to have managed to write a blog post, so yay me!  Also, I should really go to sleep.


*I have since switched to WordPress, because Tumblr is just the worst.