Some things about Gus, aged 22 months

1.  Blankets enrage him.

2.  He manufactures drama because we lead very boring lives, you see.  So he will hide something under the sofa, usually this Number 8 puzzle piece.  Then he will run up to you and frantically cry “Where 8!?  Where 8?????  OH NOOOOOOOO!”  And then he’ll do this jazz hands thing and whisper “Gone!” very dramatically.  And then he demands the flashlight so that he can look under the couch to find the missing 8.  And he will use a toy hammer to try and fish it out, and he can’t quite do that yet, and that is very frustrating to him, so he gets legitimately upset.

3.  He’s sort of afraid of dogs but loves cats.

4.  He can count to 20 and has known all the letters of the alphabet since about 17 months.  He likes to try and spell words (with our help).  He loves books.  We go to music class once a week and it is his favorite place ever.

5.  Oddly, he really enjoys lima beans.  He likes dried fruit and fresh fruit, carrots, peas, yogurt, kefir, oatmeal, pancakes, any sort of bread or muffin or cake or cookie, cheese, eggs, and pasta.

6.  He likes for me to sing Puff the Magic Dragon to him every night before bed.  After I’m done, he always says “One more,” so I sing him the chorus one more time before putting him in his crib.  He sleeps with a Curious George, 2 Winnie the Pooh loveys, and a small pillow.  He wears a sleep sack to keep him warm, since blankets are so horrible.

7.  He has started putting various toys down to sleep, saying “Night night, see you soon.”  Today I saw him putting a wooden toy tree down to sleep and I asked him to sing it a song and he sort of sang a little Puff the Magic Dragon and I almost passed out from cuteness.

8.  The boy has crazy mood swings.  He is getting louder and louder.  He throws himself down in these mechanical tantrum type positions, but it’s not quite a tantrum… yet.  Usually I can snap him out of it by reciting The Owl and the Pussycat or singing the alphabet song or asking him to help me sing Wheels on the Bus.

9.  He is still very sweet and cuddly, but is getting more independent.  He will let you know when he does not want a hug or kiss.

10.  He loves his grandparents very much.

11.  He’s pretty much talking in sentences now, when he wants to.  His first sentence was at 20 months, when he said, “Sleep sack, take off!” after a nap.  He seems to know what everything is called.  If he is unsure what something is called, he’ll point to it and say “deh deh” and I’ll tell him the name of the object and then he just knows it forever, it seems.  He knows his name is Augustus and he knows my first name and Brandon’s first name, and the first names of all his grandparents.

12.  He calls magazines “mah-OH-guh-zeens” and margaritas “maga-uh-rigas.”  He pointed to our liquor collection the other day and said “Grown ups!”  He likes to bring me magazines and clothing catalogs and go through them with me, inquiring “deh deh?” and I’ll tell him what the item of clothing he’s pointing to is called, or whatever it is he is looking at.



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