Lucky 13

Gus is 13 months old.  Here’s what he’s up to these days:

*He is so close to walking!  He seems like a rather cautious person (like me) and still wants to hold onto something.  On 3 occasions, he has let go and stood on his own, but only because he was holding things in both hands and forgot himself!  As soon as he realized what he was doing, he sat down.

*Is very cuddly with me.  When we go places, he needs reassurance from me from time to time and comes to check in with me.  He gives me “kisses,” basically mashing his face onto my face with his mouth wide open.  He comes to me for hugs frequently.  I’m really loving that.

*Says some words!  They are still in Gus Code, but I know what he means: Baw for Ball, Bah for Banana, Mao for More, Schao for Shoe, Bwah for Block, Truh for Truck, Juh for Orange, Buh for Book (his first word).  Makes some animal sounds and says them when he sees the animal (i.e., “Bu Bu Bu” for a chicken and “Wuh wuh wuh” for a dog–we hear the neighbor’s dog all the time and he likes to bark back.)

*Is obsessed with trucks.

*Loves to stack his blocks and play catch/toss with his ball.  Loves to flip through books and sit and have a book read to him.  Loves to root through cabinets and put items in boxes.  He will make a mess pulling things off of shelves and out of cabinets, but if I ask him to clean it up, he gives it a shot.

*Knows he is doing something we don’t want him to do (like hitting) and says “nononono” but does it anyway.  He’s been experimenting and testing us a lot.

*Weighs just under 27 pounds.  Now that he’s moving, he’s much less chubby and isn’t really gaining weight.  His head is 19″ and I can’t remember his length, but he was in the 50% percentile for height.

*Loves fruit, but hates veggies.  Hates cows milk and cheese but will eat cottage cheese and yogurt.  Loves beans.  Loves tomato-flavored foods.  Likes water.  We are working on his “spoonsmanship” so he will be able to feed himself non-finger foods soon, I hope!


2 thoughts on “Lucky 13

  1. So cute! Language wise it sounds like he’s doing great! The animal noises and his word for orange aren’t “true” words, but the others are. It’s totally normal for him to leave off extra syllables and the final consonants of words. You keep up with stuff so well, you probably already know that, but I’m a speech-language pathologist in training, so I gotta say it. Ha, ha.

  2. Yeah, he’s way more advanced in language than Fiona. Impressive. So cute that his first word was book. You must be an awesome mommy!

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