But for real, tho.

But for real, y’all! I’m really going to start posting. Really. I have added YET MORE content to my Drafts folder. Content to which I cannot commit, due to my general tiredness and constantly fluctuating emoshunz concerning the topics about which I have written. (I just worked REAL HARD not to end a sentence in a preposition. You’re welcome.)

For now, here are three pictures of Gus and his girlfriend Amelie (AKA Biggie J). You can clearly see that Gus fancies Amelie quite very much, because he frequently sticks his finger in her mouth. Did I say “frequently?” I meant to say “constantly.” My theories for this are as follows:

1. Amelie often has food in her mouth, and Gus enjoys food, like, a LOT.
2. Amelie has like 50 teeth and Gus merely has 2 and this puzzles him.





2 thoughts on “But for real, tho.

  1. Yay! He’s such a cutie. Ellie’s always putting her hand in my mouth, if that helps sort out your theories. Please post your other posts. Post.

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