0 to Gus in 40 (errr, more like almost 41) Weeks

I’ve seized a moment to work on uploading some pictures to Flickr.  Some of the pictures I have come across on my computer are my weekly belly photos from when I was pregnant, and let me tell you, they are weird to see now.  I’ve been looking at them for the past few minutes and they are starting to look all wrong, kind of like how when you write out a word too many times, you are convinced you’ve spelled it wrong.

I mean, how could my belly have grown that much and yet I could still stand?!  And I felt relatively fine?!  I guess this explains why so many (dumb) people asked if I was having twins?  I don’t think my belly got any bigger than most women’s bellies do, it’s just that for a lot of people it is shocking to see a 40-week pregnant belly.  I guess I’m one of those people now, because I had to do a double take at this:


Here is how I got to 40 weeks:


belly from Kathryn B. on Vimeo.

(Song credit: Welcome Home by Radical Face)


One thought on “0 to Gus in 40 (errr, more like almost 41) Weeks

  1. That’s awesome. It’s crazy how some weeks your belly was suddenly so much bigger. I wish I had at ken pics every week.

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